we’re here to make pet food simple .

Pet food should be simply good for your pet and simply easy to understand. Because when you're confident with your choice, you're free to enjoy all the little moments with your pet.

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happy soul®.

Delicious kibble. Mouth-watering wet food. Beneficial broths. All our recipes are made with limited, purposeful ingredients that provide all the essential nutrients your pet needs, and nothing they don't. If it doesn't benefit your dog or cat, you won't find it in our recipes.

Freely Dog Food Products
dog food made simple™.
Recipes to get their tail wagging.
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Freely Cat Food Products
cat food made simple™.
Recipes to make them purr.
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you’ve got questions? we’ve got answers.

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We know what it’s like to feel unsure about what you’re about to feed your pet. And we’re here to change that. Ask our team of expert nutritionists anything. We'll give you our honest answer.

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for your pet.

Our food-finding philosophy is simple: focus on the pet who’s eating it. Answer a few questions about your dog or cat and we’ll give you a food recommendation tailored to their needs.

find your pet's food

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less is best.
We offer a limited assortment of high-quality products focused on health and simplicity. We’ve purposefully limited our product choices to focus on those we believe are the best options for pets like ours. And yours.
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your preference matters.
We understand wanting your pet to eat the way you do. So if you make the personal choice to eat less meat — or none at all — your pet can too with our nutritious flexitarian and vegetarian recipes.
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expert advice.
If you can’t find a recipe that meets your pet’s needs, we’re here to help point you in the right direction. Our nutritionists are on call to answer your questions or address your concerns. And they’re super friendly and easy to talk to. We promise.
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